Product Sales and Showroom

Fully stocked showroom and waiting area with a selection of the worlds leading products, in stock and ready to install in your car. Our sales staff is ready to answer your questions in a confortable environment.

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Abe Welding

Custom Parts Fabrication

The Sakura Performance Engineering brand is produced in house at Kaizen Tuning. We produce products that are race tested and dyno proven. Our products are all produced in house at Kaizen Tuning. Our fabrication staff uses the latest tools to produce high quality, original designs for performance gains.

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Abe Install

Product Installation

We install some of the worlds best brands on our customers car. We offer a wide range of mechanical services from the simple to the extreme. Our facility offers state of the art, and high quality experience when taking your car to the next level in performance.

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Matt Install

Performance Maintenance

Our customers demand a higher level of service, and demand the best maintance for their cars. We provide a next level service for maintaining your performance car, using the best products available, and technicians that are passionate about maintaining the very best quality service for your car.

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Sakura Performance

Sakura Special Offer

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Scott McIver – President and Founder

Scott is a performance car fanatic, that came out of the manufacturing field to start Kaizen Tuning.

Matt A

Matt Andrick – Technician

Matt is the beating heart of our shop. He is a ball of energy every day coming to work, and is infectious to the rest of our shop


Rob Baker – Calibrator

Robs specialty is stock ECU tuning software, and tunes with ECUTek, Cobb, and Opensource.

Matt B

Matt Boisivert – Technician

Matt is our in-house Subaru technician. He loves all things flat four, turbocharged and fast.


Karen Bursey – Book Keeper

Karen comes to us from the autobody world, and has become our go to person for many of our internal systems.


Jason Lee – Sales Associate

Jason joined the Kaizen Team to learn the ropes of the aftermarket performance world and has become a go to in the Evo community.


Abe Marsach – General Manager

Abe came to us from Orlando Florida to take on the Sakura Performance Engineering responsibilities.


Jean Marsach – Purchasing

Jean is the go to guy at Kaizen Tuning for just about everything asked.


Justin Ross Hoyt – Technician

If you look up sarcasm in the dictionary there is a picture of Justin.


Nick Schiappa – Sales Associate

Nick handles our phone sales, and has a personality all his own.


Tyler Sousa – Shipping and Receiving/Welder

Tyler is an extremely organized machine, and takes great pride in the product he works on.


Trinity – Head of Security

Nick’s Pitbull is in charge of …

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