Kaizen Tuning was born out of the need for a true enthusiast destination shop in the north east. The technicians and sales staff at Kaizen Tuning are automotive professionals and have been for years. We knew how we wanted to be treated as customers and saw a need for a shop that would treat us like we wanted to be treated. After seeing first hand the mistreatment of many of our own cars at the hands of dealers and local shops, Kaizen Tuning was formed to offer a different voice. Operated and owned by car fanatics, Kaizen Tuning offers customer service for an enthusiast, by enthusiasts. We live the car lifestyles ourselves, and bring that energy to the shop every day. Kaizen Tuning was started so that we could bring improvement not only to the performance of our customer’s vehicles, but to the customer experience in the North East. Visit or call us to find out the difference.