Kaizen Tuning Services

At Kaizen Tuning, we offer advanced installations with some of the most qualified technicians in the industry. Based out of Boxborough, MA, we specialize in automotive performance and focus on enhancing the driving experience of your turbocharged vehicle. Kaizen Tuning offers solutions for every aspect of speed and racing. Tuning, suspension setup, engine modifications, performance products, parts installations or track-side consulting, at Kaizen Tuning, we are your one stop shop.

Dyno Tuning

To get the most out of your project car build, we tune your car on our DynoJet 424xLC2 Linx dyno. We program your car to accept safe amounts of power, customized to your modification level. We tune with the best software available from Cobb, ECUTeK, UpRev, and open source solutions to provide the right solution of your tuning needs.

Product Sales and Showroom

Fully stocked showroom and waiting area with a selection of the worlds leading products, in stock and ready to install in your car. Our sales staff is ready to answer your questions in a confortable environment.

  • R35 GTR Tuning and Maintenance Services - Kaizen Tuning

Nissan GTR Tuning and Maintenance

Nissan GTR tuning, performance modification, and maintenance services by Kaizen Tuning

Mitsubishi Evo 8/9/10 Services

Mitsubishi Services for Evo 8, Evo 9 and Evo 10 as well as Sakura Performance Engineering, our in-house brand of Dyno tested fabricated products.

Subaru STi / WRX Service

Subaru WRX and STi services performed in house at Kaizen Tuning, from simple oil services to full motor builds.

Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S Services

Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ services to take you from basic to more advanced upgrades like supercharger and turbo charger installations.

Nissan Z / Infiniti G Services

In-house support for all of your your Z/G performance and maintenance needs.

Audi / Volkswagen Services

Full performance services offered for most Audi and VW platforms.

Chevy C7 Corvette Services

Services for the C7 Corvette to bring America's dream machine to the next level.

Product Installation

We install some of the worlds best brands on our customers car. We offer a wide range of mechanical services from the simple to the extreme. Our facility offers state of the art, and high quality experience when taking your car to the next level in performance.

Performance Maintenance

Our customers demand a higher level of service, and demand the best maintance for their cars. We provide a next level service for maintaining your performance car, using the best products available, and technicians that are passionate about maintaining the very best quality service for your car.

Alignment and Wheel Service

We use the latest Hunter and Chemb equipment to set your car up on your aftermarket wheels or suspension.