Scorpion Exhaust Authorized Dealer

Scorpion Exhausts have always been synonymous with innovation, product refinement, performance delivery and unrivaled quality, born out of a continuous engineering development philosophy. Now with an emotive new brand positioning, Scorpion is really laying down the gauntlet within the exhaust market. Kaizen Tuning is proud to be an authorized Scorpion dealer, and we have our shelves stocked with the popular cat-backs and downpipes for the new Ford Focus RS, Focus ST, and VW Golf Rshop online here.

Scorpion Exhaust Focus RS‘Red Power’ is the emotive new brand positioning together with a new iconic Scorpion stinger/claw heightening the focus on performance and rider enjoyment. It’s all about how Scorpion exhausts make drivers feel, how the performance and sound is delivered, all of which is Dyno tested performance not just looking at outright BHP, but real usable performance which drivers feel, not just plotted on a graph.

The updated positioning builds on a motor-sport heritage, history of leading design and quality in addition to a hard earned reputation for traditional engineering excellence. It also evokes the passion, performance and heat of competition that motor-sport tuning and racing is all about.

What’s behind ‘Red Power’ is the superiority, accuracy, raw power, and performance potential of all Scorpion products and everything the brand offers.

Indeed the most important part of the re-branding is the way is has been fully incorporated into the performance exhausts themselves. The first official ‘Red Power’ exhaust featuring in Scorpions flagship off road and race systems is a road legal titanium/carbon graphite GP system. The unique ‘Red Power’ inlay tip, is clearly identifiable even at speed, clearly distinguishing it from the back of the bike – the only view other traffic (or race competitors) normally get.

Scorpion Exhausts are proud to be a British manufacturer and exporter to over 30 countries. Everyone in the company is an automotive enthusiast with customers even offered the choice to collect their new exhaust in person from the factory, where, if you peer inside you will see automotive engineering craftsmen at work and skilled technicians checking every one, by hand.

The RP-1 GP is a genuine competition quality road legal racing system constructed from feather light titanium and carbon fiber. Offering huge performance gains and weight saving over OEM systems this silencer is destined to become the weapon of choice amongst road racers competing in production based series such as the TT.

To find which Scorpion exhaust products are right for your Ford Focus RS, Focus ST, or Golf R, give us a call at 978-266-9900 or email us.