Sakura Performance Engineering

The Sakura Performance Engineering brand produces parts that are low volume and hand built in-house at Kaizen Tuning to produce products that are race tested and dyno tested. This is due to higher demand of quality performance products for the Nissan GTR and Mitsubishi EVO platforms. Sakura products feature quality materials, such as thick-wall 304 stainless steel, and high quality craftsmanship.

Nissan GTR Performance Parts

The R35 Nissan GTR is widely regarded as the pinnacle of modern automotive performance. Not only does it offer amazing performance in stock form but it also has ridiculous potential for huge gains with the help of aftermarket parts and tuning. The Sakura Performance brand features several products to help get even more out of your R35 GTR.

GTR Intakes

The Sakura Performance 3″ GTR Intake feature a true 3″ diameter intake and removable brackets for easy installation. Each set of intakes includes all necessary hardware for installation and is powder coated for a durable, and show worthy finish. Each hand-made intake features a bead rolled tube end and CNC billet aluminum MAF sensor flange. The location of the MAF sensor on the intake pipe is critical to achieving a proper air flow reading for optimal performance, and this is taken into account during manufacturing.

GTR Intercooler Pipe Kit

The Sakura Performance GTR Intercooler Pipe Kit features hand built 3 inch hard piping designed to replace all your original piping from the intercooler to the throttle bodies. The kit features bead rolled ends, black ceramic coated for durability, and all necessary silicone couplers and clamps needed for a hassle free installation and perfect fitment. The Sakura Performance Engineering Intercooler Pipe Kit can be sold as a package with TiAl Q or TiAl QR Blow off valves as well to meet your needs.

Evo X Performance Parts

The 4B11 Evo X (2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution) is an extremely potent performance machine. The Sakura Performance brand features several products to help improve upon the platform’s already impressive performance numbers.

Evo X Catback Exhaust

The Sakura Evo X catback exhaust system is an all out twin tip exhaust, made out of stainless steel medical grade tubing, stainless flanges, and stainless welding material, built in-house by the expert fabricators at Kaizen Tuning. Significant R&D time was invested in this system to produce optimal flow and an aggressive sound for the 4B11 Evo X platform. The street version comes with a resonator, the race version excludes the resonator.

Evo X Exhaust Manifold

With the Sakura Evo X Exhaust Manifold, you can gain the top-end power you demand without sacrificing low-end spool. Our team used extensive R&D testing on our race car applications to develop a stainless steel exhaust header that produces stock-like spool with either stock or aftermarket turbos.

Evo X Intercooler

The Sakura 3.5″ Evo X FMIC is a easy bolt in replacement for your 4B11 Evo. This hand built unit flows 75 – 80% more air than the stock FMIC unit. Sakura uses aircraft grade intercooler cores that are made right here in the United States. These intercoolers are also ceramic coated, and torture tested in the extremes of north east’s sand, snow, and humidity.

Evo X Intercooler Pipes

The Sakura one piece Upper Intercooler Pipe is made in house at Kaizen Tuning, and extensively track tested. It comes ceramic coated black (other powdercoating options available). The one-piece Lower Intercooler Pipe is made for the GSR only, and is also black ceramic coated. Couplers and hardware included.

Evo X Intake

The Sakura EVO X Performance Intake is professionally TIG welded in house by our master fabricator using high quality 3.5” mandrel bent aluminum. A Vibrant free flowing filter is included along with new 4 ply silicone couplers and hose clamps. The intake includes a built in heat shield for protection against heat coming off the engine and AC fan turbulence, as well as a velocity stack for increased air velocity. The intakes are ceramic heat coated for added protection against engine heat, and is extremely long lasting. These intakes are dyno tested in house for the best results for your Evo X.

Evo X Pulley Kit

The stock 4b11 Evo X pulleys are made from plastic and wear over the first 15,000 miles. The worn plastic pulley then shreds your accessory belt that runs the water pump on the 4B11, causing catastrophic overheating. Our Evo X Pulley Kit comes with pulleys that have high speed bearings pressed into them, which do not wear like the soft plastic units from the factory. They keep your belt intact, so that all you need to do is replace your belt every 15,000 – 30,000 miles. If you have over 15k miles on your Evo X, you should seriously consider upgrading your pulleys.

Engineered and built in the USA

When you buy a Sakura Performance product you can rest assured that it has been designed, built, and tested to the highest standards. Our fabricators spend countless hours developing products that perform at a high level. While the trend in the aftermarket is to copy popular designs, we do our own R&D and fabricate our parts in-house in our Boston facility. We take great pride in quality craftsmanship, design, and performance.

GTR Intercooler Pipes and Intakes

Custom Evo X and GTR Performance Parts